How send messages to all users

hello,now,we want to send messages to all users of our app,wonder if Sendbird offers this capability, or a solution,thanks

Hi @Developers_BUD you may want to check out Announcements | Chat Platform API | Sendbird Docs :slight_smile:

ok,i have learned about announcements, and I have a question: Is the sender of the announcement necessarily in the same channel as the user

B as the announcement sender. If there is new user(A) in our app, then A and B will create group channel and send the all users announcement in this way?

User sending the announcement must exists but it’s not mandatory to be member of the channel.

but ,we got ’ “Maximum “channel join” count reached.” [MAX:2000]’ ,that mean we can’t cover all users。

This means your channel has the maximum amount of members…
As a workaround, could you add up to 1999 members and leave one for the announcements?