How to assign title to Empty view in SBUgroupchannel in iOS from customviewcontroller

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We are using sendbird iOS 3.0 version.

I want to assign text to empty view in SBUGroupChannelListViewController.

Am trying to assign the text like below but its not overriding text.

class ListComponent: SBUGroupChannelModule.List {

override func setupViews() {


self.emptyView = EmptyView()

self.emptyView?.isHidden = true



class EmptyView: SBUEmptyView {
override func setupViews() {
self.statusLabel.text = “no”
self.statusLabel.isHidden = true

override func updateViews() {
    self.statusLabel.text = "no"


func lanuchChatScreenInSDK() {
    let (leftButton, rightButton) = self.createButtons()
    let mainVC = SBUGroupChannelListViewController()
    mainVC.headerComponent?.leftBarButton = leftButton
    mainVC.headerComponent?.rightBarButton = rightButton
    SBUModuleSet.groupChannelModule.inputComponent = InputComponent()
    SBUModuleSet.groupChannelModule.headerComponent = HeaderComponent()
    SBUModuleSet.groupChannelModule.listComponent? = ListComponent()
    mainVC.headerComponent?.titleView = SendBirdNavigationView()
    self.navigationController?.modalPresentationStyle = .fullScreen
    UIApplication.topViewController()?.navigationController?.pushViewController(mainVC, animated: true)