Not possible to override SBUChannelCell for custom data logic

Currently by Sendbird UIKit IOS sample customization of cells of SBUChannelListViewController looks like that I need to override SBUBaseChannelCell and make a fully custom UI with my layout from scratch. But the issue is if I want to use the default layout/design of UIKit, because I’m totally ok with it, but to adjust only a few fields with data.

In my case, I want to update the title of ChannelListCell (where the name of the group appears) with an additional string and add there a description of the user, for example: Sam Samuels (Engineer). Instead of showing only the name of the group chat.

The issue that I’ve faced, that Sendbird UIKit doesn’t give me the ability to override the SBUChannelCell (not SBUBaseChannelCell) to adjust just one data field in it by overriding func configure(channel: SBDBaseChannel) method. For reason that it is public, but not open.

@illia.postoienko Hi! I will let my team know and see if we can make that open.

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hey, @Woo, any updates on this?)

@illia.postoienko Have you tried latest version? I believe we updated cell class’s method to open for you!