How to contact support

This article explains where to reach out for support when you have a problem or question.
The best place you want to visit is sendbird “Dashboard” > "Contact Us " page (Dashboard | Sendbird).

In the “Contact us” page, You will see the webform that looks like the image below:

There are 7 different issue type and we highly recommend you select the most relevant issue type in order to have a support case assigned to the proper team that has the answer for your question.

Here are the details of each Issue type:

  1. Sales Inquiry - Application/Service Plan Upgrade
  2. Service Limit Increase - Rate Limit increase
  3. Subscription & Billing - Charged wrong, Cancelation
  4. Best Practices & Strategy Questions - implementation question
  5. Technical Issue - Bug
  6. Feedback & Feature Request - Product Feedback or new feature request
  7. Other Issues - Partnership, etc

Based on your support level (Below Base), you might be directed to our community for the issue types of Best Practices & Strategy Questions , Technical Issue , Feedback & Feature Request , and Other Issues .

Please contact your sales representative or submit a support case with Sales Inquiry issue type selected for the support level upgrade.