How to delete a room?

The call documentation states that a room can only be deleted through the Platform API, but there is no documentation on how to do so.

hi @mark I think the section is missing :sob: and my colleague just tested its not supported at the moment. I will ping to engineers if its possible to support delete room.

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@mark , following up with @Woo 's answer, we are planning to ship this feature at least in July.


Ok thanks for the update @Woo @taempark. Is there any overhead in having orphan calls/groups at all? I guess charges only apply against actuall calls, so probably not?

@Woo @taempark any update on when the delete room APIs will be released?

We’re regularly seeing participants getting orphaned in rooms that we cannot clean up. This leads to a large amount of credit waste that we cannot control

@Reagan that’s interesting to hear. I did not know the orphaned rooms used credit even though they were idle

@mark the room itself doesn’t use credits. Having an orphaned participant in a room does

I think delete room platform api call will be added within this month, I will keep you guys post about the progress. Thanks for your patience!

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Our server sends a keep-alive ping to check whether participants are really connected. If they aren’t, a participant who was disconnected without calling room.exit() will be exited by the server within about 1 minute.

Hey @nleitman do we have any API to close/delete the room from the Android Platform

Any update on the delete room API? It does not appear to be available currently

its in review process now, I will follow up here once its out.