Sendbird Desk Platform API

Is there a platform API for Sendbird desk? I see there’s an SDK for Javascript, iOS, and Android, but those all seem like they’re supposed to be used by the client, not the server. Is there a platform API to allow creating and working with tickets and messages for Sendbird Desk? I can’t find any documentation about anything related to Sendbird desk.

@david_chanin It looks like there may be platform API for Desk.

Something similar was asked here:

It looks like @Supertopoz was able to send out the documentation for that. Maybe they can help you as well.

I saw that too, but I’m confused, why does the documentation need to be sent out? Is it secret? Why isn’t there anything in the “docs” page on Sendbird?

This isn’t intended to be secret, but I can understand why it might feel that way. There were just frequent updates and not an easy way to share the most current information. For now you can use which we are keeping up to date, but we do have the goal of adding this to our public documentation page soon.

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