How to make bot's messages not be 'silent'

when sending regular messages you can specify ‘is_silent’: false but when sending messages on behalf of a bot ("/v3/bots/{bot_id})/send") all my bot messages responses have ‘silent’:true flag. Couldn’t find anything on ‘silent’ flag here: Bot | Desk Platform API | Sendbird Docs any other place I can look up docs for bots?

How can I send messages on behalf of a bot, but not have them be ‘silent’?

Hi @M_T,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community. Just to confirm, you’re looking at the Desk Bot or Chat Bot?

Hi Tyler, I am looking at chat bot.

I guess I got confused between the documentation pages between desk and chat: Bot interface | Chat Platform API | Sendbird Docs

I created a bot, it has a name, it has callback url so it’s receiving information, but when it responds to the channel, all messages are ‘silent’, so end user doesn’t see them (but I do see them in dashboard). I can see is_silent flag for normal messages that can be changed, but I don’t see similar flag for bot sent messages. What am I missing?

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Hi @M_T,

Can you DM me your application ID(s)? I can change this behavior for you.

Hi @M_T,

I’ve updated the application you provided me with accordingly. Can you give it a test and let me know if its working the way you want now?

Just tested, works as intended! Messages are no longer ‘silent’.

Thank you Tyler!

I’m really glad to hear you’re getting the expected behavior now!

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Issue resolved by Sendbird. Updated internal application attributes to alter behavior.