How to measure Internet Speed for SendBirdCall stream?


I want to measure Internet Speed for the SendBirdCall stream. because some of my user’s video call is not smooth, their video stream is lagging.
I want to restrict those users, whose internet speed is not good for the SendBirdCall stream.

At this moment, I am measuring their internet speed by downloading SendBird’s blog image, but this is not giving proper output.

Is there any proper way to measure the Internet Speed for the SendBirdCall stream?

Please let me know. Thanks.

Hello Muntaha_Techlogicians,

Hope you are well!

Regarding to your question, the resolution and frame rate decides the bandwidth requirements,
meaning that if the bandwidth is low then automatically the video stream will switch to a lower resolution/frame rate.

Unfortunately we do not have a way to measure the network speed for Sendbird Calls where the users can see or else you can check from the server side if they have the minimum requirements to use the provided voice/video call services.