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I am evaluating SendBird calls for use in an enterprise telemedicine app. I have built the “quickstart-calls-ios” sample app and have it running on two devices and can make video calls between them.

However… the video quality is very poor. I understand that video quality depends on unpredictable network conditions yadda yadda, but running a similar test using the service that I’m considering switching from (QuickBlox), the video is very high quality. (Both the devices are on my local network, if it matters (which I think it does)).

Is there any setting in the sample app or on my account that could be affecting the video quality?

So you can see what I mean: top is SendBird, bottom is the other service. In both, the large video is the remote video feed. Both examples are running on the same devices.


Thank you for sharing your implementation experience.

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Our Voice/video call product team is looking into this topic. I will make an update here once I hear more about this,


I think this is related to slow upload speeds.

I found that if I put one of my devices on cellular data, the quality of the remote video on the other device improves. I ran a speed test which showed my upload speeds to be about 1 Mbps on wifi and 7 Mbps on cellular. (Download speeds were about 70 Mbs and 30 Mbps respectively which I’m sure is plenty.)

I did some testing with the Network Conditioner in the iOS developer settings, and found that I could get the quality of the video coming from the phone over cellular data to degrade if I limited the outgoing bandwidth to about 500 kbps.

1 Mbps upload is not great, but it’s what I’ve been getting lately, with everyone staying home. And as I mentioned, video quality is acceptable on my wifi with the other provider (and with Zoom and Slack).

@sjmerel Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts.
Our Call team has been working on improving the call quality since this topic created date.

I will keep you updated as soon as I hear from our engineering team.


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@sjmerel Could you try to update your SDK to the newest version(v1.0.3) that was released (

The changelog can be found here (