How to pin a message in chat?


Is it possible to pin messages to the top of chat? This is a pretty standard and expected feature for users. Seems relatively easy, but didn’t find any documentation or notes about how to implement.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @Geoff_Garber

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Unfortunately, we do not provide this functionality yet.
We are planning to release this feature later this year. Please wait for our pinned messages feature!

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Hey @Miyoung_Han
Pin message is really important feature for us, any way we can implement it in some other way around?

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Hi @aseem_gupta,

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You could utilize the data field on a message to indicate to the UI that it should be pinned. Then on your UI you can handle it accordingly when you see that data included.

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Hi Tyler,

Do you have an update on when this pinned messaging feature will be released? Also, do you have any documentation or more detail/examples on leveraging the data field/UI workaround?


Hi @Geoff_Garber,

My apologies for the delayed response. We do not currently have a timeline as to when this feature will be released. It’s still currently on our roadmap but does not have a definitive date.

In terms of your second request, we do not have any documentation around how you might leverage this as there are a number of theoretical solutions utilizing things like the data field or custom_type.

The general gist though is that you would add data to the data field that the message should be pinned. Then when you go to render the message in the UI, you would look at that data field or custom_type and then place the message where you believe it needs to be in the UI.


I’m excited about this feature. +1 to prioritizing this :slight_smile:

You might add it like this.

Hello @CLocs

The pinned message is released. It’s not available in Docs (aiming for early January), but you can find it in our SDK changelogs (Android, iOS, JS) with basic information.

JS: sendbird-chat-sdk-javascript/ at main · sendbird/sendbird-chat-sdk-javascript · GitHub
Android: sendbird-chat-sdk-android/ at main · sendbird/sendbird-chat-sdk-android · GitHub
iOS: GitHub - sendbird/sendbird-chat-sdk-ios: Sendbird Chat SDK for iOS for enablement of a rich, engaging, scalable, and real-time chat service.