How to refresh channel list in React UI Kit?

it seems there is api for refreshing channel list in ReactNative UI kit but I can’t find to same api call in React UI Kit. please let me know if any.

리액트 UI KIT에는 채널 리스트를 refresh하는 핸들러가 없는것 같습니다. ReactNative UI Kit처럼 구현 해주실수 있으실까요? 긴급히 부탁좀 드리겠습니다…

Hello @BizimplyHan

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If you just want to retrigger ChannelList, switch Queries ~.

Usually customers don’t have to refresh (group channel, at-least) ~ manually… If they have to refresh something is wrong in UX.

There is a refresh in open channel though.

Let me know if this helps in clarifying a few things here.