How to restrict create new group chat from React UI Kit

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I am using react uikit = sendbird-uikit@1.0.3

I would like to stop users creating the group chat. I would like to create on my backend service.

How to restrict from UI Kit configuration?

I am following the example reference to control chat settings

But Not sure how to control creating new channel.

Hello @sreedharbukya

So, for now there is no JS workaround for disabling create-channel
There is a CSS workaround tho ->

.sendbird-channel-header .sendbird-channel-header__right-icon {
  display: none;

We are planning to add renderProps pattern to customize channelList header, once that is released, you should be able to customize the add-channel icon using JS

Will keep you updated in this thread

Also, we have released v1.1.2 already, this will give you access to reaction :slight_smile:
Would recommend to try it out