How to watch for incoming messages when using platform api on node

In my application, I am using Node js as an orchestration layer. Now we want to integrate Sendbird for our chat application.

Since we have Node as the backend layer, I would like all calls to Sendbird pass via Node. i.e. Client/Browser should not interact with Sendbird directly.
For this, I am planning to use Platform APIs.
I can see there are APIs available for sending a message. But how do I notify my client when some other user has sent a message on the same channel?

I’d like to suggest, this is not how sendbird should be used. Sendbird is at it’s best when you let your clients use sendbird’s realtime websockets on the client side, and interact directly with sendbird.

If you need to see the messages passing through your clients, then it is suggested to use our webhook service, or data export service.

If you need to intercept messages before they arrive sendbird also has pre-event webhooks

What you are suggesting in your post is not impossible, but the trade off is that you would be trying to do the very hard work that sendbird already does for you.

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