I cannot create a new user with the ID of a deleted user

When I try to create a new user with the deleted user’s ID, [ “user_id” violates unique constraint. ] message is displayed and user registration is not possible. I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to create a new user with the ID of the deleted user.

Hello, @2_2 Welcome to the Sendbird community!

It may happen since this user is a member of a group channel.

You should be okay to recreate if remove this user from the group channel.

You can always deactivate a user (optionally remove it form all channels automatically)
A deactivated user is like a removed user.

Sendbird Docs

User | Chat Platform API | Sendbird Docs

Manage the attributes and functionalities of the users.

Set attribute is_active to false.

And leave_all_when_deactivated to true (optional)

Some Additional info: our servers need some time (don’t know much exactly) to delete the user from our database so you can’t do requests to create the user again after a few milliseconds you have deleted the user.