I cannot send a sendFileMessage image on android

I cannot send a sendFileMessage image on android. My sending status is always “pending”. Meanwhile, ios still works fine.

Hey @Nh_t_B_ch,

Can you show me the snippet of code you are using, as well as the SDK version?

const source = {
name: “76705199_2822622904437666_5818439771243937792_o.jpg”,
size: 21899,
type: “image/jpeg”,
uri: “file:///data/user/1597724962578.JPEG”,

    const data = channel.sendFileMessage(source, '', '',thumbnailSizes, callback);

minSdkVersion = 16
compileSdkVersion = 29
targetSdkVersion = 29

Thanks for replying the message!!!

A couple of things:

  1. What SDK version of Sendbird were you using.
  2. I believe that way of sending message was deprecated, it should still work, but would you mind trying on the new implementation using FileMessageParams?
  3. Can you verify the file is the correct path?