sendFileMessage failing on React-Native android but working on ios. I am using react-native-document-picker and react-native-fs for picking files and getting file_paths respectively

File object: {
fileCopyUri: “content://”,
name: “Screenshot_20220419-153902.png”,
size: 80111,
type: “image/png”,
uri: “file:///data/user/0/com.tekrowe.speetar/cache/Screenshot_20220419-153902.png”,
proto: Object,

I am using the sendFileMessage method from sendbird javascript sdk v3 as follows:
sbSendFileMessage = (channel, file, callback) => {
channel.sendFileMessage(file, (message, error) => {
callback(message, error);
but I am getting the following response in the ‘message’:
appleCriticalAlertOptions: null

channelType: “group”

channelUrl: “sendbird_group_channel_176172827_737266a5f8ed36ac0418f74d4289099bbcf976b0”

createdAt: 1653911021964

customType: “null”

data: null

errorCode: 800220

isOperatorMessage: false

isReplyToChannel: false

mentionType: “users”

mentionedMessageTemplate: null



messageId: 0

messageSurvivalSeconds: -1

messageType: “file”


name: “Screenshot_20220419-153902.png”

ogMetaData: null

parentMessage: null

parentMessageId: 0

parentMessageText: null

plainUrl: “”


reqId: “1653910383991”

requestState: “failed”


requireAuth: false

sendingStatus: “failed”

silent: false

size: 80111

threadInfo: r {replyCount: 0, mostRepliedUsers: Array(0), lastRepliedAt: 0, updatedAt: 0}


type: “image/png”

updatedAt: 0

_isAutoResendRegistered: false

_messageParams: n {_mentionType: “users”, _mentionedUserIds: Array(0), _cachedMentionedUsers: Array(0), _cachedMentionedUserIds: Array(0), _metaArrays: Array(0), …}

_sender: r {nickname: “hammad ahmed”, plainProfileUrl: “…a8123bb2f8667bba8ea1239eed2563b3abd1610ef02ba1d82”, userId: “1602”, connectionStatus: “nonavailable”, lastSeenAt: 0, …}

messageParams: (…)

metaArray: (…)

sender: (…)

url: “”

_iid: (…)

proto: n

The sendingStatus and requestStatus is ‘failed’. The same code is working fine on ios but not on android. I would really like some help guys. Thanks.

Hello, @Hammad_Ahmed Welcome to the Sendbird community.

This should have been resolved in the latest version v3.1.20. Can you please check and confirm?