I cant see the File upload in the channel

Hi, I have set up your UI Kit and I can’t see the file upload options in my channels, can u please guide me on how to enable the file upload options in the channel also the emoji are not showing up in the channel chat.

Hi, @sakkk Would you show me your screen via screen capture? The UIKit supports sending file message by default so I can’t understand what you told. If you are using ChannelFragment in the UIKit the plus button exists on the bottom of UI, like this.

스크린샷 2021-04-01 오전 10.14.24

And also regarding reactions, see this link. I hope it will be helpul for you

ok…but when I click the ‘+’ button I can see this …
please find the screenshot…

Did you use a custom channel fragment? Or did you override the click event of the plus button? UI like screenshot does not exist in ChannelFragment in the UIKit. If possible, it would be more helpful if you show me the code. thanks.

yes, i use CustomChannelFragment…

That screen above looks like you’ve overridden the plus button. You’d better take a look at your code. :grin: thanks.

No no, In your source code i can see 2 sources .
1-custom samples
if u run the custom samples, u can see the same out put,
and if u run the sample u can see the button which has facility to upload files…we havent updated anything.

Allright, I don’t know why you want to use custom-uikit-sample, but custom-uikit-sample is just an example of how to customize it. So in this case you’d better to refer uikit-sample source codes. If you use the uikit-sample, not custom-sample you will be able to see the upload file menu.

got it… since we have some customizations required I choose custom-uikit-sample …
Hope ‘custom-uikit-sample’ will also work as expected like ‘uikit-sample’ right, generally asking …?

Thank you for your good opinion. I’ll think about it with the team. Have a good day.!