Remove plus button ("+") on footer of screen

How we can set hide on plus button ("+") on footer of screen in Android UIKit 1.2.4?

Hi @Douglas_Oliveira_Sil. Sorry, we don’t support customizing UI elements in the Widget yet.

Hi @Douglas_Oliveira_Sil. Sorry, Seems that we can customize the part. But still can’t hide the button from UI. We can set a different icon and or disable the functionality.

First, you need to create CustomChannelList Activity extends from ChannelActivity, CustomChannelFragment extends ChannelFragment. On the CustomChannelListActivity, you need to override the createChannelFragment function.

   override fun createChannelFragment(channelUrl: String): ChannelFragment? {
    customChannelFragment = CustomChannelFragment()
    return ChannelFragment.Builder(channelUrl)
        .setHeaderRightButtonListener { v: View? ->
        }// set icon to  Input Left Button
        .setInputLeftButtonListener {
            // add other functionality or disable the functionality
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Hi, @Douglas_Oliveira_Sil
We will add setUseInputLeftButton() on ChannelFragment.Builder in v2.0.1.
We will release v2.0.1 by next week!


@Douglas_Oliveira_Sil We released V2.0.1.
You can use setUseInputLeftButton(boolean useInputLeftButton) in ChannelFragment.Builder and OpenChannelFragment.Builder.