I18n support - V1.3.0-rc.4

Unfortunately current React’s UIKit cannot be used for non-english languages.

  1. I see that there is a property stringSet available for the SendBirdProvider which would resolve this issue almost completely but in TypeScript definitions this component property is missing.
  2. I’ve wrote “almost completely” in previous point because there is no way to customise date formatting in the chat channel component day dividers. Perhaps there should be an option to inject custom function to format the JS date if UIKit dev user would like to customise this?

The #1 seems like a bug, and #2 like a feature request. Is it possible to solve these issues in the next UIKit version?

Hi @vViktor
Thanks for reaching out!
#1 is a bug, yes we fix it in 1.3.0(most probably released in 2 days) note- documentation in progress!
#2 This is in pipeline. We have moved to date-fns in v1.3.0. Plan is to make locale passed down as a prop https://date-fns.org/docs/I18n

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