Implementing on react

Hi, i am trying to implement the chat feature
I have added SendBirdProvider at top level
In one component i am sending the message and i am able to send the message
but issue is when i am trying to recieve all the message then i am not getting it because in useeffect the sdkInstance is not changing and currentChannelUrl is null

Hello Akshay, welcome to sendbird. It would be helpful for us if you share a minimum reproducible snippet/repo to get a better view of your project? For this specific question, we need to see your component system

Here is the link

please check the console after sending the message, in panelreadmessage is not running

So, the message that you send from your side cannot be listened through ChannelHandler…
If you really want to show the message that you send, you have to keep that message(which would be pending first, then successful) in your top level component

I think this repo can lead you in the right direction: (make sure to use the branch v3_stable)