In Channel UI, Voice icon and File Icon are misaligned

I was playing in the sandbox that Sendbird has in their doc. I wanted to make a custom UI where the customer will just talk to a single person so they won’t have access to the ChannelList or any kind of ability other then just chatting and uploading some files.

For some reason in the new release of SendBird UI (3.4.2) the voice icon and the file icon are completely misaligned with the chat input. Here’s a picture for reference. I haven’t changed the any of the CSS but my thoughts on this is that this component shouldn’t have alignment issues out of the box. The documentation isn’t helpful on how to disable voice upload either.

Hello @K_T,

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I was not able to reproduce this behavior:

I can’t seem to navigate to the link in your browser, can you send me the actual link please to your sandbox?

Sure, let me know if this works.