Unable to join public channel using Chat SDK v4

Hi, how are you?
I wanted to reach out to see if you could help me with an issue I’m having.

I’m currently trying to use the ‘join’ function of the Chat SDK to join a public group channel. I’ve confirmed that my channel is indeed public and does not require any access code, so according to the Chat SDK documentation, I should be able to join the channel using this function. However, I’m encountering an error message that says: “Not authorized. “Joining from SDK is not allowed”.”
After some research, I found that this issue could potentially be due to some configurations on the Sendbird platform. However, we tried to find any configuration settings that might be blocking this functionality, but we haven’t been successful. What configuration could be causing this? Where can I find it?

And if it is not related to configuration, what can be triggering that error and making impossible for me to join the public group channel.

Thank you

Hello @Romina_Salveraglio,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community.

When you create the channel, you can configure the ability for users to be able to join the channel via the SDK.

By default, this value is false so it means that when your channel was created, someone explicitly set this.

Hi @Tyler , thank you a lot for your answer! I’ll try using that variable and try again joining from sdk.