Inline Images Possibility

Hi Everyone,

I am currently working with the provided UIKit to test all of the features before possibly fully committing on a Sendbird implementation.

After implementing and testing, I found that it is not possible to send inline images (By copying and pasting the image in the chat box).

Is this something that should be possible if we build our own UI from scratch, or is this not a possibility with a Sendbird implementation?

Thanks so much!

Hi @Christiaan_van_der_Merwe,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community. In terms of inline, are you talking about posting a message along side an image? If so, Sendbird does not currently support sending text with a file. In order to implement this in the UIKit, you would need essentially put the message associated with the file in the data field, and then render your own messageInput component and renderCustomMessage component to get it to appear.