Integrating Chat SDK into a Vue Component

Hey there,

I’m currently using Vue 2 for the front-end of my application. With the new SDK v4, I have attempted to integrate the Sendbird-related imports in a Vue component. The imports do seem to work, as I can log the Sendbird initialisation object (new SendbirdChat(appId, modules)) and the imports can be found. However, whenever I attempt to connect a user to a Sendbird application, I am thrown the following error:

Sendbird Error: there was a network error

The Vue components are built using vue-cli

Are there any suggestions or perhaps ideas of what the problem could be? I feel like building Vue components via vue-cli somehow prevents the chat sdk from working, but perhaps someone can provide insight on this.

I know that there is no uikit like React, but I have already invested a lot of effort with the VueJS framework.

Hello @Brandon_Ho,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community.

Can you provide a demo in something like codesandbox or stackblitz of this issue? It would help us understand your implementation and versioning.

Thanks for getting back to me Tyler.

Apologies - after some deep diving into my codebase and breakpointing in the scripts, I found out that the problem was that I was usingthe incorrect parameters for initialising my connection to a Sendbird application. After fixing the parameters, I was able to connect to Sendbird with specific user login details!