Introducing Peer-to-peer Calls, Webhooks, and On-Device Recording for Sendbird Calls and new self-service option

Peer-to-peer calling, webhooks, and on-device recording for Sendbird Calls
The Sendbird Calls API now includes some new features! We’ve added webhooks
for developers, so that you can program responses in external applications for call related events, e.g. custom signals from a connected speaker or an automated call log. New peer-to-peer device connections, which deliver a cost-efficient and quality-optimized alternative to calls routed through a server (server-relayed), and on-device multimedia recording that empowers providers and users with a private, secure, and convenient way to store call information.

New self-service option for Sendbird Calls
We also just launched a self-service option for Sendbird Calls. Now developers can easily access Sendbird Calls to integrate voice and video calls into their applications, and complement with Sendbird Chat also easily accessible in the self-service platform. Sendbird Calls enable richer one-on-one conversations that lead to more personal interactions and higher levels of engagement between users.

To learn more about the Sendbird Calls self-service option, and it’s new capabilities you can read this blog, view our docs, or start a free trial and add voice and video to your app today.