Call recording for the mobile app as well as for the website

I am not able to see the information regarding the video call or audio call recording feature for specific use. In the document, it shows that the recordings are available on the dashboard, and if I want to transfer those recordings to the other AWS S3, I need to copy and transfer them. Does Sendbird provide a feature where I can have the recording link immediately after the completion of the call? If not, what are the other ways I can have access to the recordings?

Hello Kelish,

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If you haven’t enabled the cloud recording feature, kindly DM your application ID. And the recording should be available successfully in the dashboard after the call completion where you can make use of the document to transfer the recording to your own s3 bucket.

Hello Sendbird
I and my team actually need to build the application with different functionality. I want to confirm that you have those functionalities. So if possible, can we meet regarding this with one of your representatives? Please revert back asap as we are already very much behind schedule.
Thank you.

Hello Kelish, Please submit your information in this form and we will get in touch with you at the earliest.