(iOS) How can I install SendBird Framework without using CocoaPods?

To install the SendBird Framework without CocoaPods, add this line to Xcode - Build Settings - Linking - Other Linker Flags:

-ObjC -l"icucore" -framework “CFNetwork” -framework “Foundation” -framework “MobileCoreServices” -framework “QuartzCore” -framework “Security” -framework “UIKit” -framework “CoreGraphics” -framework “SystemConfiguration” -framework “CoreFoundation”

Then, download the SendBird iOS Framework from the links below.

Finally, drag and drop SendBirdSDK.framework onto Xcode’s Project navigator.

If the build fails with the error Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: “_utf8_nextCharSafeBody” , add libicucore.tbd to Linked Frameworks and Libraries in the General tab of your target in Xcode.