Framework not found WebRTC error while installing using CocoaPods


I have installed SendBirdCalls using CocoaPods but it is giving me following error while building the app, can anyone please help.

ld: framework not found WebRTC

SendBirdCalls - 1.9.3
SendBirdWebRTC - 1.5.0

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Hi, @charmi did you resolve this issue? i’m getting the same problem

I updated SDK to new version and it get resolved

I also had the same problem with 1.9.3+ sdk. I can’t solve this build problem, so I’m using version 1.9.2.

#1.9.2 version of git commit.

pod 'SendBirdCalls', :git => "", :commit => '9eb847db75d73a9e549d9763dbaced7610f84ce9'

getting error in SDK 1.9.4
No such module ‘WebRTC.RTCAudioSession’