iOS push notification is not properly generated (?)

I’m using the newest version of the Sendbird Chat SDK on the react-native app.
On iOS (15 and others) I have a problem where the notifications do not arrive because of lack of the “message_id” field. This is the code of the react-native-firebase messaging push notification received method:
if (userInfo[@"gcm.message_id"]) { DLog(@"didReceiveRemoteNotification gcm.message_id was present %@", userInfo);
That probably means the notification should have this kind of field in it. Nothing happens in this method otherwise. It seems like there is no such field in the notification and therefore code doesn’t work.
Could you please help? What should I do?

@Wojciech_Matyja Hello
We do not support FCM to iOS from the Sendbird server.
If you want to receive an APNS push notification message, Please add the library below and receive a message.
ex) GitHub - react-native-push-notification/ios: React Native Push Notification API for iOS.


Isn’t it you who recommends using firebase in react native docs?

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@Yongjun_Choi Sir? Can I have an answer?

Firebase must be used to receive FCM messages, but APNS must use additional modules.
This part is missing in the Sendbird document. I’m sorry for the confusion.
I also requested an update of the document part.

Do you mean this part of the documentation is wrong? It says “regardless of iOS and Android platforms”.

Yes, I requested an update to the document team regarding that part and the addition of the necessary library.