iOS sample app video calls from/to JavaScript doesn't work

Hello Sendbird Team, we are doing test in your product “Calls” from Colombia, and a very curious thing is happening.

From the web, the Calls leave out, the iPhone rings, the call is accepted too, and… nothing more. We never get audio or video from one device to another.

In inverse case, the result is the same.

The other calls between platforms have worked succesfull, but iOS to JavaScript o JavaScript to iOS not working for us.

We are using the sample projects.

Could you help us about this?

Thank you.

Hi @ocastro,

I sincerely apologize about the delay in response. Could you confirm for me whether you’re using the Javascript SDK in React Native or are you using Javascript on the Web and a native language for mobile?


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Hi tyler

Nice to meet you.

We are testing the sample apps. We haven’t changed anything yet.

These are the sources:
For iOS: ‎Sendbird Calls on the App Store
For JavaScript: GitHub - sendbird/quickstart-calls-javascript: Sendbird Calls for JavaScript sample, guiding you to bulid a real-time voice and video calls quickly and easily.

The problem is only when they cross. Web to Web: OK. iOS to iOS: OK. But Web to iOS / iOS to Web: not OK, and we need them.

Thanks for answering.

If you use the Phone booth built into the Dashboard, do you still get issues? Any displayed errors or just video doesn’t work?

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Hi @Tyler.

Sorry for our delay, we needed to be sure of what we were going to answer.

From the Phone booth, everything works perfectly :slight_smile:

But we test a new Web instance from scratch, following step-by-step the instructions (npm install, npm run build, npm run start …), and the result is the same (bad).

It doesn’t show any error messages, just no video, no audio after answering the call.

Are there any additional steps or necessary information that is not mentioned in the



When you experience these issues between JS and iOS, which side initiates the call in your testing?
Can you share with us the code that you’ve implemented to initiate and accept calls on both iOS and JS?
Given that it works as expected in the Phone booth, this is likely an implementation issue. We just need to get down to the root cause.

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Hi @Tyler

We apologize for the delay.

We have already been testing with the sample applications.
The react one has worked for us, ReactJS to iOS and iOS to ReactJS calls work successfully :slight_smile:

Our team will be working on what we want to build before continuing.