Sendbird Video Call React Native Support available?

Hi I am newbie! Is there any Video call SDK for React Native?

Thanks in advance for the reply! :slight_smile:

Hi @moomoo

Welcome to the Sendbird Community. I’m afraid that there currently isn’t a SDK support for React Native.

Ahh I understand. Is it ok to use javascript using WebView on iOS, android native app?

Is there any examples developing in this manner?

@moomoo Yes. You can use Sendbird inside of a webView for both iOS and Android. I’m still working on a document for webViews (Perhaps a week or two). Here I somethings I have learned recently to help guide you.


  • Consider using Sendbird’s React.js WebKit to get you started quickly. There is a sample here you could use in a webView
  • Use the webKit as a way to prototype the webView.
  • Modify the Webkit to show the channel list and message list in two different views.

Single page app

  • Design your webView as a single page progressive web app.
  • Multipage apps will run into problems on iOS because page reloading means you will loose your current instance of Sendbird

Push Notifications

  • Consider using native code and Sendbird’s Platform API to register device tokens to Sendbird.
  • Consider how the flow will be from the Sendbird push notification arriving to displaying the messaged channel.
  • Turn on push to all devices push notification setting in Sendbird’s dashboard. Sendbird Dashboard --> Settings --> Notifications --> Send as long as one device is offline (all online and offline devices)

Thanks a lot Jason! will try your suggestion! :slight_smile:

I’m still working on a document for webViews (Perhaps a week or two).

Hi, is there a document describing how to use sendbird in webView for react-native? Any example how use it?

We are moving forward with the PoC towards SendBird and we have a specific blocker. When we want to make mobile audio/video calls, it seems that SendBird is not enabled for react-native, therefore when we want to establish a call forces us to make it externally through a mobile browser using the UI KIT library.

We read in the forum that there are some workarounds, but they would not be very useful for our case:
• Create within a web-view (poor performance)
• Develop this functionality natively and then export it in the project (high maintenance cost)

Please, could you tell us if we are omitting something, if there is another workaround, or if there is a scheduled date for SendBird to be compatible with React-Native to establish calls?

Unfortunately, no more information about an estimated date so far.

Hi guys is there any example now for react-native if have any please share.


@Manthan_Pawar Hi there. I trust you are well.

I’m sorry to mention Sendbird Calls is not yet supported in React Native.

client is too happy with sendbird so if there any chance please develop as soon as possible

Thank you

Were you able do the SendBird call implementation in React Native, or how did you solve the problem?
I would love to hear how you did as we are facing a similar requirement (voice calls and chat messages ina React Native mobile app).

Were you able to finish de document that you mentioned?
From what I read, there is not yet a UIKit for voice calls and React Native. So what are the hurdles/challenges to implement voice calls using the core SendBird SDK?

Hey Sendbird,

Thanks for replying.