Sendbird Video Call React Native Support available?

Hi I am newbie! Is there any Video call SDK for React Native?

Thanks in advance for the reply! :slight_smile:

Hi @moomoo

Welcome to the Sendbird Community. I’m afraid that there currently isn’t a SDK support for React Native.

Ahh I understand. Is it ok to use javascript using WebView on iOS, android native app?

Is there any examples developing in this manner?

@moomoo Yes. You can use Sendbird inside of a webView for both iOS and Android. I’m still working on a document for webViews (Perhaps a week or two). Here I somethings I have learned recently to help guide you.


  • Consider using Sendbird’s React.js WebKit to get you started quickly. There is a sample here you could use in a webView
  • Use the webKit as a way to prototype the webView.
  • Modify the Webkit to show the channel list and message list in two different views.

Single page app

  • Design your webView as a single page progressive web app.
  • Multipage apps will run into problems on iOS because page reloading means you will loose your current instance of Sendbird

Push Notifications

  • Consider using native code and Sendbird’s Platform API to register device tokens to Sendbird.
  • Consider how the flow will be from the Sendbird push notification arriving to displaying the messaged channel.
  • Turn on push to all devices push notification setting in Sendbird’s dashboard. Sendbird Dashboard --> Settings --> Notifications --> Send as long as one device is offline (all online and offline devices)

Thanks a lot Jason! will try your suggestion! :slight_smile: