Is iOS MetaData Value “True” or “true” Make Force Type Casting?

I am using the iOS SDK.
We are giving the MetaData value as “True” or “true”,
Occasionally, when I getAllMetaData
Could not cast value of type ‘__NSCFBoolean’ (0x1b5905868) to ’ NSString
I get this Force TypeCasting error.
[String: String] is returned when getAllMetaData is
Value is recognized as True → Boolean, so it seems to be incorrectly cast as Bool → String.
Could you please check it out?
We are not going to use “true” or “True” on our part.
Also, Int value (“0”, “1”) crash… :frowning:

Sendbird is 3.0.234
SendBirdSyncManager 1.1.40
I am using it as Cocoapods.

Hello @iosTester
If this is a bug then it always should give you crash not occasionally. I tested on sample and it worked fine. Are you still experiencing the issue?