When are you planning to apply iOS SyncManager metaDataKeyFilter (SendBird SDK 3.0.232)?

I’m an iOS developer on a team developing with the Sendbird Chat SDK.

For faster and better performance, SyncManager is used.
But the function we need, metaDataKeyFilter, doesn’t seem to work in syncmanager.

I checked, the metaDataKeyFilter is sendbird SDK 3.0.232 or later,

The latest Syncmanager has a dependency on sendbirdSDK 3.0.203.

When will it be updated? Or if there’s something I’m doing wrong, please let me know.

Would you tell us more detail what functionality is not working with code snippet?

안녕하세요. SDK 버전을 3.0.234로 올린 후 customDataFilter를 사용하여 해결하였습니다.