Is it possible that PIP(Picture In Picture) like UI is used in WhatsApp video calls?

I want to use other features of the app while on voice/video calls, I am using Call Kit for handling calls and video calls mainly I am using a custom view controller and controls same as provided in the sample app by send-bird. Is it possible that PIP(Picture In Picture) like UI is used in WhatsApp video calls? any help would be really appreciated.

Hi @Soumya_Ranjan ,
For the PIP feature for WhatsApp video call, are you referring to Android WhatsApp application?
I’m not aware of apps with PIP feature for video calls on iOS devices


Hi, Yes I am referring to both iOS and Android. In Android, if we are closing the app, then the PIP is there on the mobile screen but in iOS, if we are navigating to another screen of the same app then the PIP is also there. If we are closing the app then PIP is disappear.

We are looking for if we are using our app while a video call is going on, we can easily change our screen and we can move the PIP throughout the screen without finger(dragging).

For the PIP within your own app, it is possible to implement such feature using the calls sdk. You would have to maintain the video view even when the view controller changes. I found open sources like GitHub - Kofktu/PIPKit: Picture in Picture for iOS when looking for such implementation.

Ok thanks mininny, will check it out


I was also looking for a good example about how to integrate video calls and PIP.

@Soumya_Ranjan did you find that example useful?

Thank you!

I was able to make PiP working, but when i put the app in background, the PiP window appears, but the video (both local and remote) just stops. Any ideia?
I saw that twilio introduces PiP functionality recently: Changelog: Twilio Video iOS Latest | Twilio
Perhaps Sendbird need to do it as well.