Is it possible to query channel list sorted by *custom type?*

Is it possible to query channel list sorted by custom type?
Is it possible to have multiple sort order in a single query?

Our use case:
Currently we have channels that has custom types “Support” and “Job”. We want the result to be Support channel on top sorted by latest_last_message followed by Job channels sorted by latest_last_message.

We can achieve this using 2 get channels api call but we want it to be on a single api call.

Hey @erson.mujar,

You can pass multiple customTypes in a query. Here is a snippet in Android:

List<String> customTypes = new ArrayList<>();

If I have 20 channels and 1 of them is Support and I set 10 as result limit per api call and my sorting is latest_last_message , will this guarantee that the Support channel will be returned in the first page regardless of its last message timestamp?


I think it depends, are you setting customType? Also if so, which customType are you setting first?