Is it possibly to restrict who a user can create a channel with on a per user basis?

I have a use case in which I’d like to restrict who a user can create a channel with. Essentially I’d like to enforce a parent child relationship where the “parent” can start a channel with each “child”, but the children can only create channels with the “parent” (and cannot start channels with their “brothers” & “sisters”).

I’m using the Platform API to create users & supply access tokens to the front end Sendbird React UI Kit. I’ve currently got a semi working version of this by specifying a userListQuery to the sendBirdProvider by making an API call specific to each user, to tell the front-end who they can start a channel with. This restricts channel creation purely by filtering which users are available on the front, but I was wondering if is was possible to re-enforce this on the backend. (To protect myself against someone spoofing the request I’m using to create the userList & giving them access to start a chat with any user in the application).


Hi there. Sendbird has the ability to prevent channel creation from the SDK. We have an ACL setting for that. In such a case however, channel creation would not come from the client side at all but rather from a backend process that you operate.

Awesome, that sounds like it would work. I can create the parent -> child channels on the backend. Can you point me to the direction of the ACL setting, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Again.

Changing ACL setting only possible by a member of Sendbird’s Solutions Engineering team. Please can you direct message me with your application id and I will ask internally if we can support you in changing these settings. :slight_smile:

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