Deactivate SDK User Listing

Are we able to deactivate the user listing functionality from the SDK in the context of our SendBird application? (Application | Chat JavaScript SDK | Sendbird Docs)

In this question, your team answered that:

Changing ACL setting only possible by a member of Sendbird’s Solutions Engineering team. Please can you direct message me with your application id and I will ask internally if we can support you in changing these settings.

Generally, are we able to deactivate any SDK function we want using these ACL settings?

Thank you

Hi @Michel,

We do have ACLs that allow us to prevent some features from being utilized by the SDK. The User List is one of those options. The list is not exhaustive and thus you cannot deactivate any SDK function you want.

Thank you Tyler. Can you please let me know if these two other SDK features also fall under this option to deactivate?

Hi @Michel,

Checking if a user is online would fall under the User List ACL. There is no granularity there.
Invite users as members is included as part of Group Channel Invite ACL.

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