Is it right how Sendbird's server handles OpenGraph metadata?

Currently sendbird checks the og informationon the sendbird server when a link is detected and adds it to an existing user message.
How about creating a new message and paste it there og metadata, without adding og metadata to the user’s existing message when processing the message?

Hi @hmmhmmhm, thank you for reaching out to us! And thank you for your suggestion, too. I will share this with the team. Can I ask you for some details on it so that we could understand it better?

When a message contains a url, the sendbird server attaches OG metadata to it. Like {message: “”, ogdata: “…”}

my understanding of your suggestion:
When a message contains a url, send a new, empty message with only OG metadata in it. Like
message 1: {message: “” , … }
message 2: {message: null, ogdata: “…”}

What problem did you face when you used current OG data implementation? I’m asking this to make sure that we understand your pain point correctly so that we could come up with correct solution.
It would be amazing if you please could give us some examples. For example, to do xyz, our current way takes 5 steps, but with your suggestion, it would only take 3 steps … something like this will be really helpful.

But not necessary, though, so no pressure.

Thank you again for reaching out, and I’ll share this with my team :+1:

Thank you for your quick reply. :blush:

As is currently implemented in sendbird-uikit, the title of OG message comes from the user’s text.
However, the most SNS apps separate of OG thumbnail from the user’s message.

The image on the left is kakaotalk app, and the image on the right is sendbird web. as you can see the sendbird is not separating the OG thumbnail from the user’s message, it may cause confusion or further problems.

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Oh I got it. Then it is a design improvement rather than a data structure improvement, right? I’ll share this with the design team and the sample team. Thank you for the clarification! :bowing_man:‍♂

Hmmmm…:thinking: Well… actually I’m not sure if it’s right to change the design.
I think the UI design is perfect, it would be better to treat metadata as a separate message.
The UI design that makes one message like two… could be a disaster in terms of management.

:thinking:A Developer: I thought it was one message, but what if it’s two message…?
:thinking:B Developer: I thought there were two message, but what if there was one message…?

I feel like I’m already confused…

I think that makes sense. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Separate message, separate UI.

I will share this with my team, but I wonder, does OG tag usually operate like separate messages? I’m purely asking because I don’t really know much about them. If OG tags are separate messages, can we usually reply to them, or share them independently from the original message that contains the url for it? Or if the original message was deleted or edited, does the OG tag message stay?

If you feel pressured you don’t have to answer them. I just wrote them to let you know what are the points that I’m currently considering. The main point would be

do people perceive OG tag and message as independent objects?

Thank you so much for sharing your nice thoughts on this, and replying to me! :grin:

Hi, @hmmhmmhm
I am UIKit developer on Android.

As far as you know, OG data is generated from the message text. Therefore, In the view of Data, What the message includes OG data is more effective and easy to understand. If you want to use our UIKit with a different UI, you can customize the message UI.