Get sender metadata along with message

I am storing userName in metaData of the User.
i want this with every message sent by the user.

I saved the metadata with sb.currentUser.updateMetaData(...) which was resolved successfully returning the saved metadata.

any suggestions?

Hi @shamoil_stewards,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community.
Currently, only metadata that existed on the sender when the message is sent is returned. It does not get retroactively updated on the message object after its been sent. You can see this by sending a new message now that you’ve updated the metadata, and see that the user object now has the metadata field completed.

Hey @Tyler,
Ah I see. Great this solves my issue. Thank you :smiley:
Are there any plans to make it retroactively update in the near future?

Hi @shamoil_stewards,

I don’t expect this behavior to change as its a fairly heavy change for customers with a large number of messages, and customers.

Alright. Thanks for the quick replies. :smiley: