Is there a way to send typing indicator now? Currently ChatSDK supports GroupChannel.startTyping() and GroupChannel.endTyping() but i am not able to use these to show typing indicator

[SDK Version]
App side: @sendbird/chat v4 with javaScript

Hello @Anurag123,

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We do not actively share what a user is typing. Only that they are typing (when triggered).

Yeah Sure But when i am using GroupChannel.startTyping() or GroupChannel.endTyping() i am getting startTyping() or endTyping() is not a function. I am using only JavaScript not any Libraries and Frameworks of JS.

I am using this

Looking at our docs, I think the example is a bit misleading. In the example, groupChannel is the instance of the channel. Not the groupChannel module.

It’s likely labeled this way since typing indicators are not supported in open channels but I’ll work to make it more clear.