onTypingStatusUpdated fires false events


I found something odd while testing one of our features in the chat (over GiftedChat ) .

In our code we register on the channel to : channelHandler.onTypingStatusUpdated.

our chat setup, is a group channel with a user and an agent from sendbirdk desk.

I encountered few odd behaviors :

  1. when the agent starting typing we get the event , but some time while typing ( apx. 20 seconds ) we get a status updated for False ?

  2. if the agent types than stop for a minute ( we get a false event as stated in 1. ) , when it continues to typing the event is not updated to true.

are these a known behavior ?

Hi @Ronen_Meiri,

The first behavior is normal, I see this behavior in my demo app. Regarding the second behavior, are your agents utilizing the Sendbird Dashboard to chat with customers or do you have your own JavaScript app?

Hey Ian,

  1. if this a normal behavior, In case I want to indicate to the user when the agent is typing, how can I do that ?
    Is there any other event to register on ?
    Why the false event is fired while the agent is writing?

  2. Our agents are utilizing Sendbird Dashboard chat.

@Ronen_Meiri, thanks for the information. Let me run a couple of tests on my end and I should have an update for you soon.