Issues creating a POC in .Net 6

I’m attempting to create a simple console app to validate .NET support as a proof of concept and while I can initiate the client successfully when I attempt to have an existing user or a new user connect to the client I get an exception.

“Operation is not supported on this platform”

string userId = “###”;
string accessToken = “###”;


SendBirdClient.Connect(userId, accessToken, (User user, SendBirdException e) =>
if (e != null)
return; // Handle error.

// The user is connected to the Sendbird server.
Console.WriteLine("User Connected");


I’m using the version of the Sendbird.dll and of the websocket dll. The sample application is also currently using .NET 6

Hi @Chris_Sandberg ,

Sorry for your inconvenience.
Currently, Sendbird .NET only supports .NET 4(PC) or Mono/ .NET2.0