Operation is not supported on this platform

Hi! I’m building a simple console app to test/debug an issue with access tokens. The application is basically a copy of this example: Authentication | Chat .NET SDK | Sendbird Docs

When I run the code, it fails, with the message “Operation is not supported on this platform.”

string userId = "###";
string accessToken = "###";

SendBirdClient.Connect(userId, accessToken, (User user, SendBirdException e) =>
    if (e != null)
        return; // Handle error.

    // The user is connected to the Sendbird server.
    Console.WriteLine("It works!");

The error returned in the response:

Hi @Sander,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community. Can you tell me what version of the SDK you’re utilizing? I’ll see if I can recreate this behavior.

I’m receiving this same issue attempting to use .NET 6 with version of the SendBird.dll

Is .NET truly supported? or are there explicit versions that we need to use?