Issues Integrating JavaScript SDK with Require.JS

We are integrating Sendbird into our Magento 2 platform that uses require.js. We are having issues with components conflicting with the require js. Do you have any suggestions here?

Hey @Kenkorabrandt,

Can you expand on what kind of component conflicting you’re experiencing?

We’ve added a React Lib to the Magento 2 using require js. But app is still not working on the front end page where the user would chat. There is also no console log.

Can you share with me more details about your implementation?

  • What version of the Javascript SDK are you using?
  • Are there any errors when installing packages alongside Sendbird?
  • Does the Sendbird SDK get called at all?
  • We’re using Javascript SDK 3.0.115
  • No errors when installing packages
  • No it’s not calling

We have upgraded to the latest version and are still having the same issues


This will be difficult for us to troubleshoot as we don’t utilize Magento 2. If you were to try and re-create this in something like and utilize requireJS there, can you recreate the behavior?