Landscape Mode Functionality

We are looking to add landscape support for calls, currently we see no way to establish this using the api. The example app (GitHub - sendbird/quickstart-calls-ios: Sendbird Calls for iOS sample, guiding you to build a real-time voice and video calls quickly and easily.) also does not support landscape mode and produces strange results when landscaped mode is entered. Any thoughts? @J_sung_0o0

Hello @David_K,
You should be able to use landscape mode for calls without extra APIs. Please make sure you have landscape modes enabled in your xcode project file. Our Quickstart application is designed to be run in only portrait mode, which is why it may show strange result when rotated.

SendBirdVideoView’s camera view should freely rotate when you rotate your device as well.


Yes we have done this. The issue is that the video does not change accordingly in terms of the aspect fit and becomes very zoomed in. We would want to have somethings that changes the aspect fit of the video view based on the rotation for both devices on the call (this is what some other video conferencing apps do, e.g. skype , zoom)