Load selective channels from Sendbird for a user

Currently I am creating a channelListQuery using createMyGroupChannelListQuery(). This returns me a list of all the channels the user is a member of. I want to enhance this further by retrieving list of channels which are only part of channelUrlsFilter array I pass in this query. It works fine for limited set of channels, but fails on all the browsers if the number of channels is more in this list as this is a GET request internally and SDK is passing this list as a queryParam to Sendbird backend.

Any option to do this channel filtering on the Sendbird side or is there is a POST endpoint that is missing from the documentation for this use case?

Hi @Harsha_Nooka. Could you share the failed error code? peace of codes, please?

The error codes comes from the browser, it says failed request as the length of the url crosses 2k. I cannot post the exact url because it has our channelUrls which are sensitive.

Could you send me the failed error code and peace of your code as a message, please? We will try to investigate the issue in detail internally.