Making ghost user

I have a some problems using chat service.
there are many ghost users in my chat service like this.

but i dont really know that why make why ghost users are created.
i only use startmessage API create group chat startmessage function like this

function startMessaging(txt) {
var users = ;
var roomTitle = document.getElementById(‘moim_name’).value || document.getElementById(‘challenge_name’).value ;
var userId = getCookie(‘userId’);
var params = new sb.GroupChannelParams();
var temp_arr = new Array();
params.isPublic = true;
params.isDistinct = false;
params.isEphemeral = false;
params.operatorUserIds = temp_arr; =roomTitle;
params.channelUrl = txt;
sb.GroupChannel.createChannel(params, function (channel, error) {
if (error) {
return false;

plus, If someone wants to come into the chat room, they can’t come in without cookies to check and let them in.
But Ghost users are constantly being created. how can i solve this problem?

Hi @11110,

Can you DM me your APP ID and a couple of these users? I can take a look at our logs and see how they were created.

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i send DM for u :slight_smile:
plz check my DM