Message does not appear after reconnect

Device: iOS / android
Platform: React native
Language: typescript
Sendbird package: “sendbird”: “3.1.9”

  • Open Chat session (sendbird desk ticket) at device A
  • Lock screen
  • I sent a message “test1” from Sendbird dashboard to device A
  • App received a notification message
  • click on notification to open app.
  • At this time we open the app then process reconnects to Sendbird server. Also at this time I sent new message “test2”
  • App open and show only msg “test1”, message “test2” appeared and disappeared 0.5 second.

Actual: display message “test1”
Expect: display mesage “test1”, “test2”

Please take a look. thank so much.

Hello @zdungx

Based on the given scenario, it seems that there might be an issue with the synchronization and message retrieval process after reconnecting to the Sendbird server.

Can you please check the synchronisation, auto resend, and message handling processes in your app to identify any potential issues and ensure that messages are properly displayed after reconnecting to the Sendbird server?

If the issue persists can you please share a detailed video recording showing the issue?