Message threading UI components

Is it possible to use UIKit components to achieve message threading? I saw this screenshot and I wonder it is only a design or a actual achievable result:

@Tez do you maybe have some tips?

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I would also like to bump this question.

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Hello @rs-hcp , @omar.lopez !

Currently, ChatSDK offers message threading, but not yet with UIKit.
However, we are preparing the message threading feature of UIKit, and we will be released within a few months. :grinning:

Hello @Tez!

Thanks for the response! :grinning:

Can you estimate how far we are before shipping this solution? It will be released this year?
Is it possible to customise existing SBUChannelViewController to display only message thread now?

Hi @rs-hcp

I can’t share the detailed schedule, but it will be released within 2 months at the latest. :pray:
It’s possible to customize the SBUChannelViewController, but it’s quite complex.
I think it’ll be released while you’re customizing! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Tez thanks, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the release!

Any update on whether threading is going to be out soon? Looking at the documentation for UIKit v3 beta it looks like it still only supports quote replies


I’m sorry for the delay in providing threading function.
We were preparing a v3 version with various improvements, including modularization.
The threading feature will be proceeded after the official distribution of the v3 version! (It will be distributed within this year. :pray:)