Is it possible to use message threading with iOS UIKit?

Or there is it a guide on how we could implement it using the SDK?

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UIkit currently doesn’t include Threading but you can use our standard SDK to build this.
Please see here for more info Message threading | Chat Platform API | Sendbird Docs

Thanks @Anni_Meldrum does UIKit can be customized enough to add this feature or is it in the roadmap in the near future?

Our UKit is open-source so, yes, you can build message threading, add more features, or even create a complete customised chat workflow from UIKit.

However, if you need to customize the UIkit then it’s defeated the point of using UIKit at all. In which case, you might be better off using our Core SDK to build Chat.

I’d suggest you discuss your project and design workflow with your Sendbird Sales Representative who will be able to give you advice that fits with your own specific plan and needs. :blush: